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Poor Maintenance Of Scarborough Borough Council Trees

Poor Maintenance Of Scarborough Borough Council Trees

Published 19-09-2019   Updated 17-11-2019

In 1980 Scarborough Borough Council trees in the Woodlands Scarborough public open space at the bottom of Settrington Road and Caburn Close were only 3 metres tall. Now over 13 metres in height, also leaning towards to 8 leasehold flats and only 8 metres away from the building. Which just shows the poor maintenance of Scarborough Borough Council trees. This could be a big risk for the block of flats in strong winds if these trees were to come down, as one did last year, fortunately this was well away from any properties. This public open space ground gets very wet even just after a small amount of rain which would also affect the stability of the trees.

Parks and countryside at the local council who own these trees have been contacted regarding this who have said "We have inspected the tree and can report that it appears to be healthy and is not a cause for concern for us at present".

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